Sábado, 12 de Novembro de 2011

5 tips for your presentation today

Did you take advantage of the elevator pitch bootcamp yesterday?

You did? Good.

You didn’t? Well, there’s still some time to rehearse before presenting your project to the public later on, but remember, presentation skills are crucial.

We’ve had cases in previous editions in which great projects weren’t rewarded as they should simply because their presentation didn’t get the point across, while not so great projects earned prizes due to their great presentation skills.

Our advice (based on years of pitching stuff ourselves and watching as year after year of contestants tried their thing) is that every team should have at least one member completely focused on rehearsing their presentation, starting… yesterday.

Seriously, you have only 90 seconds to strut your stuff. Whoever does the presentation doesn’t have to be the project mentor, the lead coder, the UI designer, or the biggest ego - your team should pick the the one person who’s able to deliver the best possible elevator pitch to the audience and to the jury.

So here are our top 5 tips for a killer elevator pitch:

  1. Focus on the problem you’re solving
  2. Tell a compelling story
  3. Use 4th grade language (seriously)
  4. End with a bang (hardware projects are exempt from this one…)
  5. Practice, practice, practice

Seriously, don’t waste agonizing seconds poring over the neat bits of code in the solution (unless they were the problem), try to explain things as if you were doing so to an investor who couldn’t tell PHP from DDT, and give a well-rounded, well-rehearsed presentation.

That’s the key bit. PRACTICE. Remember, there is a small stage upstairs at the “Sala do Tratado” where you can go and rehearse to your heart’s content. Do so, and good luck!

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