Terça-feira, 27 de Dezembro de 2011

Panoramas SAPO, making of…

Once in a while at SAPO we cross our path with extraordinary people with uncommon ideas and unlimited motivation. Ideas to which we just can't say no, those with the right amount of usefulness, awesomeness and uniqueness, you know what I'm talking about.

The Panoramas SAPO project was one of those moments. When Basílio and Pedro came to us and the thought of making a record Tera pixel panoramic photo of Lisbon took shape, we sank our energy and resources into the project and put up an elite team working together in no time.

And what a team and project this was. During the months following, we planed the photos, built and tested bizarre equipments, literally climbed bridges and castles in the hunt for the best spots to use our gear, handled the right authorizations, learned a whole pile of theory about gigantic panoramic photos, developed software and stretched the known computing systems for this sort of projects to new limits in order to meet our goal. And we've done it.

More than 2000 hours of computing processing, 32.000 photo shots, 6TB of data and 5.000 hours of work later, we finally launched the Panoramas SAPO project at SAPO Codebits 2011.

This is the "making of" video. Best seen in full screen. We hope you like it.

Non flash, H.264 iOS/Android friendly versions here: HD and SD.


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