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Codebits 2009

We're back.


As you should know by now, we've been working hard to announce this year's edition of Codebits, so here it goes.


Codebits is going global. We gave a really good thought to this one and we feel it's the right thing to do and the time is right. Our passion is coding for the Internet, and the Internet is not constrained to country boundaries. Neither are talent and ideas, which are the main reasons we have Codebits.


On the last two great editions we focused on the Portuguese community, we feel that we've put a heck of a show in place, one to make us proud for. Our foreign guest speakers who attended Codebits have spoiled us with compliments and demanded us to take this next step, It's time to share our party with the rest of you.


So there you go, this year anyone can attend, provided that you have creativity, the coding skills, the passion for developing on the web. The official language for the website and the next Codebits edition itself will be English.


Codebits 2009 will take place from the 3rd to the 5th of December in Lisbon at the "Cordoaria Nacional" building. We're really excited about the new place, it's beautiful and historical, it's big, has great facilities and we're throwing lots of ideas to the table as we speak. So get your December calendar locked on us right now.


Registrations will open in the beginning of September. We're aiming for 600 people this year - more space and having people from abroad will certainly help Codebits to grow! Get you CV ready and a good argument convicing us on why you must go to Codebits. As you know, Codebits is a free event, we will select only on the most talented people.


A good way to get invited to Codebits is by presenting something at the event! Next week we'll open a call for presentations on the website, so if you have something cool, sexy and technologically interesting to speak about, then prepare to submit your idea and abstract.


We're also changing the contest rules just a bit this year. More details on this later but our basic thinking is: we don't need 90 projects to be presented in a row like we're breaking a world record or something, we want fewer but even better projects. We're making minor adjustments to the rules and improving our tools so that participants work better together as teams, and spend their time having fun creating and innovating rather than being obsessed with winning the contest and getting a prize.


This year we will have a theme which we're sharing right now! Food for your thoughts 3 months before the event. Bandwith. Loads of It. The one you can find at light speeds. What would you do on an Internet without bandwith limitations?


The website will re-open real soon with more information.


Meanwhile you can reach us at Twitter @codebits or in our blog. As usual, the details about the event will pop during the next weeks, we promise exciting news.


See you all soon.


The Codebits team.

: happy

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6 comentários:
De Dextro a 4 de Setembro de 2009 às 14:42
Welcome Back Codebits! :D

De Fábio Pedrosa a 5 de Setembro de 2009 às 03:40
Already thinking about using that unlimited bandwidth for my object teletransporter :D

Now seriously, I think the main use for that would be to virtualize content, the way OnLive would like to do for games. W'll see.

De Fábio Pedrosa a 5 de Setembro de 2009 às 03:41
and yeah, welcome codebits!

De r0ckf3l3r a 14 de Setembro de 2009 às 13:02
Unlimited bandwidth?

Sweet. And how do you expect us to use it to our pleasure? 54mbps wireless connections?

I'm expecting a lot from you, based on the two previous events.

GL with the planning, and count me there, cause I'll be around!


De Vitor Domingos a 14 de Setembro de 2009 às 17:48
1) blog interface is in portuguese and blog in english
2) more tags
3) user definable tags

De fLaSh a 15 de Setembro de 2009 às 23:02
Welcome Back Codebits!!
Nice to see the event up again, I want to join!!
I will start to think about mine project!

Would be happy if i get completely approved ;)

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