Sexta-feira, 25 de Setembro de 2009

Highlights from previous years

A number of candidates who did not attend previous editions of Codebits have asked us what kind of surprises they could expect from the event.


In the two previous editions we have engaged in quite a few adventures:

  • we created a couple of Arcade machines during the event (from sawing the wood to assembling all the components);
  • we let the attendees do speed and maneuverability tests to different kinds of Segways;
  • we had concerts;
  • we had dozens of consoles from several brands, available 24 hours a day;
  • lots of chocolate;
  • lots of fruit;
  • chestnuts;
  • a soldering course;
  • recording a web series at the venue and inviting attendees to be extras;
  • bean bags (which the attendees could take home);
  • an amazing geek Quizz Show;
  • gadgets to hack with (security cameras, RFIDs on the attendees' badges, etc.);


For this year we're already getting lots of surprises ready for you.


Don't forget to check some of the photos from 2007 and 2008.

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De C_arvalho a 26 de Setembro de 2009 às 04:12
For those who love pizza, we had the pizza Weekend too!

De João Pedro Pereira a 27 de Setembro de 2009 às 22:19
I went to SAPO Codebits 2008 and for those who didn't I can tell you that it was very, very good.
We had a little of everything, I was able to talk with Mitch Altman and discuss some ideas with him, I was able to bought books from O'Reilly and a Make magazine, I was able to test a segway (awesome experience), Codebits also made me stop eating pizza for some weeks after eating so much pizza. I was able to train my Perl with XML for the RFID contest. I met lots of people, learn a lot not only with talks but also chatting with people with lot's of knowledge.
I have only one thing to say that is bad... The stock of RedBull gone empty to quickly, hehe.

De fLaSh a 28 de Setembro de 2009 às 16:59
I did not participated in anothers edition of codebits..
So.. i have some doubts about hacking and security..

You're going to do just hardware hacking?

About software hacking.. whats you're think..?
Like web hacking, password cracking, etc..

Of course.. hacking for education only..

Keep it Up!

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