Sexta-feira, 9 de Outubro de 2009


A couple of attendees of previous editions of Codebits expressed to us their feelings about this year's official language.


While many applicants are at ease with our choice, a number of them are concerned that added to the fact of having to present their project in public they'd also be doing it in another language other than their own.


Also, some of the candidates told us they were actually refraining from submitting workshops because they weren't comfortable enough with giving a 45 minute presentation in English.


Well, we don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, do we?


So here's what we'll do:

  • You can submit your talks in English or in Portuguese; we'll sort it out in a way that there's always at least one talk in each language; the schedule will clearly show which talks are in English or in Portuguese;
  • Regarding project presentations, you could always pick the person in the group more confortable with the idea of presenting in English, but that might not be sufficient for all groups, so we'll allow presentations in Portuguese too (but we'll appreciate if your slides are in English); we're expecting reasonable percentages of talks in both languages, so we'll probably have all the presentations in each language done in a row.

Just remember: Codebits is not about the language, it's About::Talent.


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De José da Mata a 9 de Outubro de 2009 às 12:19
I hope javascript will do as the main language to my (I wish...) presentation. :)

De João Carvalho a 10 de Outubro de 2009 às 02:23
I think that if the groups might present their works 2 times, one in portuguese and one in english, like 90 seconds in portuguese and 90 seconds in english, would solve the problem. But that might became another problem, cause the presentations time instead of being 1 hour(just expectating) would became 2 hours.

De jonasnuts a 11 de Outubro de 2009 às 01:00
E corríamos o risco de acontecer exactamente o que está a acontecer neste Blog. Uma enorme quantidade de portugueses, a falar em inglês uns com os outros.

Pela minha parte, estou a adorar.

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