Segunda-feira, 12 de Outubro de 2009

First batch of candidates approved; more during the week

Dozens of you have already received an email approving you to Codebits. We started the approval process last Friday and we're going through the applications as we write these lines.


For the impatient, we also included a twitter notification for those of you who are selected.


If you haven't registered yet, this is the time to do so. If your friends haven't registered, do make sure they are aware of the event, so that if they don't apply you can later on tell them "I told you so".


The dates are approaching fast and we should be announcing more speakers and more surprises pretty soon, and regularly.


Stay tuned, and we hope you enjoy the old chiptunes from Gameboy and C64 ;-)

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De fLaSh a 14 de Outubro de 2009 às 10:17
Nice..I got approved!!
50 days pass quickly :)
Good luck to those who have not yet been approved.



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