Quinta-feira, 15 de Outubro de 2009

Brian Suda @ Codebits

Brian Suda is an informatician currently residing in Reykjavík, Iceland. He has spent a good portion of each day connected to the Internet after discovering it back in the mid-01990s. Most recently, he has been focusing more on the mobile space and future predictions: how smaller devices will augment our every day life and what that means to the way we live, work and are entertained.


He tells us: "People will have access to more information, so how do we present this in a way that they can begin to understand and make informed decisions about things they encounter in their daily life. This could include better visualizations of data, interactions, work-flows and ethnographic studies of how we relate to these digital objects."


Brian will be present at Codebits 2009 presenting his talk "Optional is required".


Abstract: "With technology shifting and changing so quickly we need to be open to new concepts and ideas. This presentation will touch on several topics to inspire the exploration of upcoming and old technologies in new ways. From using Rabbits as OpenId tokens, to hacking RFID, from empowering your HTML with semantic meaning to the meaning behind butterfly graffiti, Brian will get your mind thinking in new ways, because the things we hack on today are the products of tomorrow."

Brian's own little patch of Internet can be found at suda.co.uk where many
of his past projects and crazy ideas can be found.

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De andr3 a 16 de Outubro de 2009 às 00:43
ahaahahah loving the tag: "rabbits". :) and the "long now" reference.

This will rock! :D

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