Quarta-feira, 21 de Outubro de 2009

Brian LeRoux, PhoneGap and Mobile Devices @ Codebits

Brian LeRoux, from Nitobi, will be attending and presenting at Codebits.

Want to learn about PhoneGap?

Not a problem; Brian will present "PhoneGap: Mobile App Developer Zero to Hero".

Abstract: "This will be complete walk through of developing an application for the iPhone. And then we'll build that app for Android. And then we'll build that app for Blackberry. And then we'll build that app for Symbian. And then... you get the idea. PhoneGap lets you build cross platform mobile applications with a single codebase. Come check it out!"



But wait, that's not all!

Interested in JavaScript on Mobile Devices?

Very well, Brian will also present "The State of JavaScript on Mobile Devices".

Abstract: "In this talk Brian LeRoux will guide you through the dangerous jungles of mobile web app development. In this talk you will learn essential skills for wading the dark rivers of mobile misinformation, techniques for uncovering traps set by poor emulators and surviving the venomous insect family of app store reviewers."

And yes, soon we'll have more news regarding mobile devices at Codebits.

Stay tuned.

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De fLaSh a 22 de Outubro de 2009 às 16:42
Interesting this framework..
Well.. that seems something like gadgets.. right?

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