Quinta-feira, 22 de Outubro de 2009

Quiz Show qualification - round #1

Those of you who attended last year's Codebits know how much fun the Quiz Show was.

You may also remember that in order to select the 16 team leaders we presented you with a set of qualification problems.

Last year you guys really surpassed our expectations and managed to solve even the most incredible problems we proposed. We'll try to keep up with the challenges this year.

The first one is to solve the following enigma. Make sure you are logged in.

Fill the form with the correct answer and good luck!



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4 comentários:
De AReis a 23 de Outubro de 2009 às 02:44
Wot? No Rick Astley?

De joaovelhote a 26 de Outubro de 2009 às 22:54
We're introducing something better than that on the next challenge ;)

De AReis a 27 de Outubro de 2009 às 15:58
Yup. Much better.
Prof. F. himself :)

De Marco Rodrigues a 26 de Outubro de 2009 às 23:16
Pena que quem não está inscrito, não possa ver o challenge :(

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