Quarta-feira, 28 de Outubro de 2009

Inside Ruby with Lourens Naudé

Lourens Naudé will be attending Codebits and giving a talk on Ruby.

Lourens is an independent Consultant currently based in sunny Madeira Island, but originally from South Africa. With a twisted (and mostly non-academic) view on automated behavior based performance optimizations and deep service integration experience, he's currently building out Forex/sell side infrastructure in Ruby. He has written several Ruby extensions and is also a founding member of the Scrooge DB optimization layer.

Talk title: Dynamic Language VMs: Inside Ruby

Abstract: "The only efficient way to make the most of something is understanding it's mechanics - a pilot has deep knowledge of many scientific factors and its effects on a plane. Why do so many developers fly blind?
We'll take a peek into the Ruby 1.9 VM's internals with
DTrace and observe the effect of some core components on memory, IO and CPU subsystems. No prior knowledge of Virtual Machines/Interpreters is assumed.

Interpreter specific subjects touched upon:

  •  Source to runtime : Loading files, parsing to Nodes and eval
  • VM : Symbol table, method cache, frames, method dispatch and optimizations
  • Object model : Core types, Modules and variables
  • Closures : Blocks and procedures
  • POSIX, IO and Contexts : Signals, system calls and Thread / Fiber switches
  • Garbage Collection : Heap space, alloc / dealloc and GC patterns

These are in no way a complete subset of a functional VM, but appropriate for the time slot of this presentation. If time allows I'll touch upon a dreamy evented interpreter design from a coworker, based on the Event Sourcing pattern, and how such a design yields a decoupled and pluggable interpreter."

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