Domingo, 8 de Novembro de 2009

Plan your sessions

Other than a few minor changes and some last minute additional sessions still pending, the Calendar for Codebits 2009 is pretty much closed at this point.


It's time for you to start planning your life at the event. If you log into your account and visit the information page for each session, you'll notice that there's now a "I want to attend this session" button.


It is important that you plan the sessions you wish to attend for several reasons:


  1. You'll get an overview of you plan when you visit the calendar page, with your sessions properly highlighted, when you're logged in.
  2. It allows us to watch which sessions are the most popular and make important last-minute adjustments (ie: get more seats).
  3. You'll get personalized SMS notifications during the event so you don't miss anything (more on this later).


So please go ahead and do it. We know that some of the options are difficult, there's a lot of good stuff this year, but remember we're recording everything and all the talks will be online after so that you don't miss anything.


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De João Pedro Pereira a 8 de Novembro de 2009 às 15:35
It's hard for me to decide what to see on day1 at 19:30h (MySQL, JavaScript or Mitch?) and on day2 at 10h (Lockpicking or Mitch?)...

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