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Where to stay

UPDATE: For the sake of clarity: yes, you can stay at the Codebits building during the nights; this information is provided because there's people who want to have a bed and such, during the night.


A number of attendees have asked us if there are any good hostels in Lisbon.


Well, The Guardian has recently claimed that the center of the hostels world is in fact Lisbon.


It seems there are plenty of them, reasonably cheap and with very good conditions that will make you wish you lived there and didn't have to go home by the end of your journey.


Here's three of them:


Lisbon Lounge Hostel


The Travellers House


Goodnight Hostel


If you're used to travel around the globe staying at hostels, you should know that these are not your average hostels. We're not talking about places built to make money, we're talking about places built by people who love to travel and like to find somewhere cozy to stay during their journeys.


If you're not used to hostels, you should know that while these places are very affordable when compared to hotels, they also usually have a much smaller number of rooms, so if you're going to book something you should probably do it soon.


There are several other hostels and similar places in Lisbon. Don't refrain yourselves from adding more information by comenting this post.


Hostelbookers is one of many websites that will allow you to search for hostels in Lisbon. Airbnb can also be useful if you're looking for renting an appartment for just a few days.

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De N0_Named_Guy a 13 de Novembro de 2009 às 19:40
Can't we just stay at the event, just like the earlier editions?

De jac a 13 de Novembro de 2009 às 19:43
Yes, we can. It's just that there's people wanting a bed and all those commodities during the nights; hence, the information :-)

De N0_Named_Guy a 13 de Novembro de 2009 às 19:49
Thank you for clearing it up...

De jrodrigues a 23 de Novembro de 2009 às 22:44
will the place have showers available?

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