Quinta-feira, 19 de Novembro de 2009


Twittlis is the monthly meeting of Twitter.com users in Lisbon.


It takes place on the first Wednesday of every month, which means that December's edition is going to happen right before Codebits, and so the organizers are inviting everyone who's in town for Codebits to join them the day before at Mar Adentro, a very nice lounge/café with free wi-fi.


They say "Twittlis (like Twitter) is completely informal and open - arrive at any time, leave at any time. Come meet in person the people who you follow or follow you on Twitter. It's also a great event to discover more about what people do with Twitter even if you're not a user (yet!)."


If you're coming to Codebits and wanna warm up the day before: Twittlis.

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De Miguel Nogueira a 19 de Novembro de 2009 às 15:03
Small correction: it takes place on the first WEDNESDAY of every month!

We'd appreciate if you could sign up on upcoming if you are indeed coming. If 10 more people than usual come that's not a problem. If 100 more come, it will be.


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