Sábado, 21 de Novembro de 2009

Behind the scenes #2 - Eating and drinking at Codebits

Lots of things have to happen behind the scenes until Codebits takes place. We've been working hard for some months now, but we thought we'd share some of the latest developments with you.


Large quantities of pizza have been ordered; we're working on some alternatives to the pizza, but still can't make any promises. Do understand that we're providing all of this for free and that it always involves making a great deal of effort to make it happen.


Large quantities of Red Bull (way more than last year, yes), enough Cola that could fill a swimming pool (including light Cola) and lots of other drinks such as water and coffee. There may be some surprises in the beverages department too.


We also have people working on other things like chocolates and fruit (apples, pears, bananas, etc).


Another thing we're arranging for are microwaves. We know that some of the attendees like to bring something different with them and could probably make some use of a microwave to heat their food; hence, we're making them available.


Stay tuned for more news.

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11 comentários:
De Pedro Correia a 21 de Novembro de 2009 às 16:13
Microwaves FTW :)

De AReis a 21 de Novembro de 2009 às 16:29
Have you thought about putting a few microwave ovens inside a bunker?
With a geek-level this high, it's a must

De Tiago Pinto a 21 de Novembro de 2009 às 18:07
hey. a suggestion: is it possible to have any way to brew some tea throughout the event?
if not at all, no worries, i think we can bring our own water boiler and teas :)

De celso a 21 de Novembro de 2009 às 18:09
I think we can do that :)

De ps a 21 de Novembro de 2009 às 18:09
beer allowed?

De Pedro Silva a 21 de Novembro de 2009 às 19:06
Yey! More pizza!...

Decision: Won't eat pizza until Codebits so i can witstand them for 3 days =)

anyway, it's free! good work! :)

De among_a_million_same a 22 de Novembro de 2009 às 12:56
When you order the pizzas, don't forget about the vegetarian people, plz :)

tea it's a good idea!

De jac a 22 de Novembro de 2009 às 13:00
We haven't :-)

De jonasnuts a 22 de Novembro de 2009 às 13:12
Se vocês soubessem a confusão que me faz ver o pessoal a escrever em inglês.... (e esse we haven't, cá para mim, está errado, mas pronto, eu sou mais do português que do inglês).

De JP a 23 de Novembro de 2009 às 20:15
"We haven't" is a perfectly well constructed sentence.
There are english-speaking people coming to the codebits event, a developers event.

If a developer only reads and writes in their specific language, she would be always outdated against the main references that are mostly in english.
This applies to portuguese, as well as to chinese, german, spanish and russian (unless you're working on nginx, in which case the main docs *are* in russian).

In the quiz contests i actually had people complaining because some of the challenges were 'too' portuguese specific, which could've been a disadvantage for non-pt_PT speakers.

We totally understand that outside this realm people communicate in portuguese and that this may cause some headaches. :)

Sorry 'bout that!

De jonasnuts a 23 de Novembro de 2009 às 20:22
We haven't é correcto, mas não se estiver a responder a "When you order the pizzas, don't forget about the vegetarian people, plz :)"

Mas hey, isso nem sequer é a questão. Sou eu que sou esquisita, a mim faz-me confusão, o que é que queres, ver dois portugueses, num meio fundamentalmente frequentado por portugueses, a "falar" em inglês, na eventualidade de alguém que não domine o português poder estar a ler.

Mas, again....não ligues, sou eu que sou esquisita.

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