Quinta-feira, 3 de Dezembro de 2009

Into the building we go

At 9h00 we'll be opening the building for participants.

There's over 600 attendees, so we'd like to ask for everyone's understanding regarding the waiting in line, and also for everyone's cooperation in trying to make the process as smooth as possible.

Now, when you get to the registration desk you'll be asked a few questions. Please have your answers ready:

  • 15" or 17"?

This is the size of the laptop sleeve you're getting; sorry, no 13" available this year.

  • t-shirt size?

Aside from several t-shirt sizes, it's worth mentioning that there are 6 different t-shirt designs and you're getting one of them randomly assigned to you; the people at the registration counter are instructed not to change the t-shirt you got; if you'd prefer another design, find somebody to swap t-shirts with later on; if we allowed people to pick their design the registration process would become a lot more slower, so you're getting the design that comes out of the bag; please understand that.

  • Are you planning on attending the lockpicking session?

If you say you're not going to attend that session your badge will have a red X on the lower right corner; if you say you're going to attend your badge will have a green V on that corner and you'll receive a short speech on how the contents of that session are intended to illustrate security issues and make a parallel between the physical and the virtual worlds, and are not in any way intended for usage on illicit actions; you may be asked to sign a statement as you certify you understand this (if not at the registration, you'll be asked to sign it later on).

One other note regarding the registration process: you're going to receive several cool items during registration; we should have enough for everyone, be please don't ask for extras; the people there are instructed to say no and you'll only be making everyone behind you lose an extra 5 seconds.


Among the items you'll receive is a printed copy of "Welcome to Codebits", which starts with a tour of the building. Exit the registration table by moving to your right and follow the instructions on this document.

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