Domingo, 6 de Dezembro de 2009

Winning projects

The 11 winning projects of the 2009 Codebits edition were (in alphabetical order):

  • All your faces are belong to us
  • cyclops
  • Cython protobuf generator
  • Math4Kids
  • Playsketch
  • Supond - Apple Time Machine-like Interface for Your Lifestream
  • TV Movies
  • Time-based OTPs
  • Truz-Truz
  • Verbatim Quiz!
  • widgetize

These were based on the votes by the attendees with a small amount of human control to account for unusual situations and other issues.

The winning teams were rewarded with several prizes, including Xboxes, MacBook Pros, Netbooks, iPod Nanos, Magic Mouses, Wireless Keyboards, Arduinos, HTCs, Chumbies, dozens of O'Reilly books, bean bags and more.

We're really proud of all the hard work the teams have put in their projects and we're very grateful to the attendees for all their votes which made our tasks of selecting the winners much easier than usual.

More details on these projects soon.





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6 comentários:
De David Silva a 6 de Dezembro de 2009 às 21:29
Muito obrigado Codebits!

O Ipod nano é exelente!

Vamos puder ver os videos das apresentações dos projectos vencedores ?

De filipe freitas a 7 de Dezembro de 2009 às 15:54
Can we please have the video?

De jac a 7 de Dezembro de 2009 às 15:57
We're working on making the videos available as we speak^Wwrite.

De Paulo a 9 de Dezembro de 2009 às 12:51
Eu só conto 10 projectos, não eram 11?

De jac a 9 de Dezembro de 2009 às 12:56
Faltava o All your faces are belong to us.

Thanks, fixed.

De Telemóveis Nokia a 30 de Janeiro de 2010 às 14:24
Parabéns a todos os vencedores!

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