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Surveying Codebits

We launched the Codebits survey around 48 hours ago and already 350 people took the time to give us their feedback (thank you so much).

We're going through the answers now, and we'll keep looking at the new ones, but there are already a few topics we'd can/want to address (and not "abord"; duh).

Global appreciation:

We had a very small number of people who felt rather indifferent to Codebits or who didn't enjoy the event and an overwhelming percentage of attendees (92%) who claim to have had an amazing experience.

We're very pleased with this outcome; it's always expectable that not everybody loves a conference, but that number is so low that we can't help but feel that the job was well done.

But let's move on the next topics.


As we mentioned in some emails, we had several internal reasons for choosing English as the main language for Codebits. Even so, we still had lots of content in Portuguese.

Even before the event took place, we got some angry emails about this choice; just a couple, but strong enough to make us wonder about it.

But now we're seeing what the attendees (and speakers) think about this move, and it's almost unanimous: almost everyone seems to feel that either the choice of language is irrelevant or that English should be assumed as Codebits' main language.


We also had some reservations when it comes to a concert but it's now clear that this was one of the best choices for this year.

Over 70% of the attendees who took the survey claim that a concert inside Codebits does make sense (there's event a couple of people suggesting two concerts). When it comes to bringing Pornophonique back again opinions get divided, but not because of their quality, just regarding the possibility of bringing someone new to Codebits.

Attending 2010:

Can you guess how many of the surveyed attendees said were coming back again next year?

Almost all of them, and most of the ones who didn't give a simple yes as an answer took the time to write things like "if you accept me…"


Apart from the straight answers there is also very good feedback on the text fields. We haven't read all of it yet (we're working on it), but there are some very interesting points there. One of them is related to voting, and thus we think it's appropriate to describe exactly how it went.

A group of five people was discreetly taking notes about the projects. The audience was told their votes would decide the winners, and that was correct, and we also said there would be some minimal tweaks to the results.

The system in place was smart enough to remove the votes of some users following specific patterns (sorry, no disclosure here).

As soon as we gathered to decide the winners we did two things:

  • list the 15 projects with better (valid) voting; 
  • list all the other projects not on that list but that had made an impression strong enough to be on our notes.

The next step was finding which of the first 15 projects were also on our notes, and these (6 or 7) were clear winners - the audience had enjoyed them and so did we.

Next we went through the list of projects we had listed to find out how many votes each of them had received and we discussed among our small group which projects should also be distinguished.

There were a couple of projects not on the 15 most voted that got a prize, and there were a couple of projects on the 15 most voted that were not in any of our lists but that we gave a prize anyway based on the audience feedback.

It's worth noting that there were problems with the voting of one project and we did take that into consideration.

A few comments on the survey were related to the contest but not to the voting system. There were some suggestions that people working at SAPO shouldn't be allowed to participate...

Well, there were over 150 of those, and it doesn't make much sense for us to organize such a cool event if our 150 people won't be able to participate. Also, no member of the jury was part of a group and the selection of winners was made with the projects in mind, and not people; names weren't even mentioned during the short meeting we took, only projects.

As a side note, it seems (at a glance) that less than half of the prizes went to people working at SAPO, so there can't be any complaints there.

That being said, the general rules/guidelines for the contest may be just slightly tweaked for next year, but we're not expecting any major redefinition of the contest. As for the process to pick the winners, that has changed drastically every year and we're still not happy about it, so we'll probably use some of the suggestions provided on the survey.

And finally, a (more or less) random selection of comments:

"I think the people who signed up and then din't come to the event should be kindly rejected in next year. I know a couple of people, which signed up and were pure lazy to come (no day at all)."

This attendee does have a point… Kudos to all of those who dropped us an email or a twitter dm before the event letting us know they wouldn't be coming.

"some coaching done to contest presenters would be nice."

We agree and we already have a plan in this regard for next year.

There were also several comments regarding the temperature in the building, recycling bins and the possibility of having showers somewhere in the vicinity. We'll take all this into consideration for next year.

And finally, one last comment we enjoyed:

"We're almost there, only 12 months left !! ;)"

That's the spirit :-)

Soon, more information on the winning projects.


And yes, we'll take all the feedback we're getting into consideration for next year.




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De Enia a 21 de Dezembro de 2009 às 16:40
How about the videos?
When we will se them all ?

De jac a 8 de Janeiro de 2010 às 12:02
The videos are up.

De David a 8 de Fevereiro de 2010 às 00:30
Os vídeos dos projectos já estão disponíveis?
Se sim onde?

De Walter a 8 de Fevereiro de 2010 às 10:05
Hi, are the project videos already up?

De Paulo a 13 de Março de 2010 às 12:26
Não vai haver vídeos do projectos desta edição? :p

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