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Registration... is now open...

Hold on. Take a deep breath.

Don't worry, you can keep on reading and register for the event later today. It's not going to lower you chances of getting accepted.

In fact, reading this whole post will probably give you some useful information on how to properly register in order to be accepted.

The best part of it all is that now we can write pretty much whatever we feel like writing and you're probably going to read it.


Call me Ishmael.


Let us take you through the registration process, but please let us make a note before we do that:

Please note that you should only apply if you plan on attending the three days of the event.

Codebits is not an event for people who are only interested in showing up one day, have a look around while eating a slice of pizza, tweet to complain about the free pizza and then leave.

The result is one less slice of pizza and one less ticket for someone else who would have loved to be there. Also, that person loves pizza.

Here's how the registration process takes place:

First of all, if you don't have an account from last year, you need to create one.

Once you have an account, you should edit your information, and then you need to press the button "Codebits 2010 - Apply now".

While filling in or updating your information, please take the time to write your name and not your nickname (it's pretty confusing to get to the venue and trying to convince people you're actually candidate foobar).

You'll see a text area where you should fill in your curriculum, not in the job curriculum sense, but rather in the Codebits sense. Even if you already have it from last year, do take the time to review it and update it.

Tell us who you are and what you've done. Even if you think we already know you, because there's more than one person looking at the list of candidates.

This is the key part of your proposal.

This information is what we use to select who gets to attend and who doesn't. It's based on this that we tell people "We're sorry, but we're not going to be able to let you in. You're a manager, not a technical person."

Please don't make us say that just because you didn't take the time to write it properly.

We really hate saying that.

Chances are we don't know you, so please tell us: What makes you tick? Which technologies do you dwell in? What areas have you work with? What are you doing now? What's your favorite dessert? Are you a programmer? A sysadmin? A web designer? Have you presented a project or given a talk at a previous edition of Codebits? Have you at least submitted a talk before, even if it didn't make it to the schedule? Let us know who you are and what sort of knowledge you have. Let us know that you're worth it.

This doesn't mean that only people with extensive knowledge of a language internals and who have created an entire operating system from scratch will attend.

Of course not.

It's a 600 people event. Where would we find 600 of those?

Sometimes you conquer us with your technical skills.

Sometimes with your appetence for designing web sites.

Sometimes it's the things you've done.

Sometimes it's your sense of humor.

Sometimes it's the way you cook.

We really love chocolate cake...

Last year we had to tell hundreds of people that they wouldn't be able to attend Codebits.

In most of those cases it was simply a matter of people not being (or not seeming to be, at least) talented technical people. We had a lot of managers, marketers and recruiters wanting to join us, and while it's flattering to us and to the attendees, it's not really the kind of event where they'd fit in.

In quite a number of cases, however, it was a matter of having to choose. There's always a lot of talented people wanting to attend, but only a few hundred seats at Codebits.

Six hundred, this year.

What a long post, don't you think?

We think so too, but we really had to put it out there.

It's bad to have to say no, but it's worse to say no and later on finding out it didn't have to be a no.

Please take some time to write up your proposal.

Not too much time, though. Codebits is just around the corner (~3 months) and we'll be accepting candidates pretty soon (and therefore, consuming many of the 600 tickets for this year).

Even if you already have an account from last year, please review your information before hitting the apply button



During the next weeks we'll be letting you know about many of the cool things we'll be doing this year.

Expect fun. Expect geeks. Expect awesomeness.

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De n0_named_guy a 19 de Agosto de 2010 às 21:08

De Dextro a 19 de Agosto de 2010 às 21:48
So... The address to send the cakes is? :P

De r0ckf3l3r a 19 de Agosto de 2010 às 23:48
The cake is a lie!

Good news, now I just need to find a way to get out of the office, and hopefully a ticket to the 4th consecutive edition. :D

De João Gonçalves a 20 de Agosto de 2010 às 19:10
Pity... This year's CodeBits edition is happening at the same time as the TechEd Europe in Berlin (http://www.microsoft.com/europe/teched/). I'm going to miss one of them...

De crsantos a 23 de Agosto de 2010 às 22:07
Who cares? :D

De João Pedro Pereira a 23 de Agosto de 2010 às 22:19
Awesome news, I would love to be there for the 3th time!

I don't know if you saw my review on last year edition, so I'll make some pub here: http://joaopedropereira.com/blog/2009/12/09/sapo-codebits-2009-reviewed/

De Pedro Oliveira a 24 de Agosto de 2010 às 10:08
Run for your lives!

De Velarier a 21 de Setembro de 2010 às 03:25
É giro :-) na area de registo o "p" do provide continua perneta: "Please make sure to orovide us with an clear and creative description of what you do..." encontrei a palavra orovide em vários sites (google) mas em nenhum dicionário e o "Verificador Ortográfico - www.flip.pt" não reconhece o nome google. XD

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