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Call for Presentations

Codebits lives from the community, and this year won't be an exception.

We're looking for talks, and we know you're eager to speak.

We know. We can read your mind.

Right now you're thinking "yeah, right!"


Also, you're thinking on what subject you could talk about.

Well you're in luck, as we're about to explain what sort of talks we're looking for.

Innovation is the key, mostly.

Some breakthrough technology, something that people aren't using yet but probably will in a couple of years, or even the internals or some deep hacking with something that's been around for some time now.

Something that appeals to geeks, some sort of best practices, a methodology that isn't very well understood yet, an area that is usually overlooked.

In previous editions we featured talks on several interesting subjects: CouchDB, BlackRay, XMPP, Microformats, Map Reduce, Dojo, PhoneGap, Chumby, Erlang, OpenFrameworks, Android, HTML5. A couple of these subjects could probably return.

We've also had several great talks on topics like high availability, schema maintenance, unicode, usability and even some irreverent themes such as lockpicking.

So what's new now? What's interesting? What do you know that most people don't and you can share? What knowledge do you think the public is missing that you could probably provide?

45 minutes.

Portuguese or English, your choosing (we encourage you to speak in your native language or, that not being one of our options, English).

Are you ready?

Do you have an idea?

Then submit a talk proposal.

Don't forget that your abstract is both what allows us to accept/reject talks and what makes people decide to see your talk instead of the others running at the same time.

Be interesting, be witty, be concise.

But mostly be yourself.

BTW: giving a talk is a sure way to get accepted at Codebits.


Submit your talk now.




We forgot something.


There's one more thing you should know.


Talks proposals are now public.


Not only that, the other candidates are going to be able to go thumbs up or thumbs down on your proposal (please note that thumbing up or down is private, but feedback you write on the talk page is public).


The total of thumbs up and down is part of what's going to decide which talks are going to make it to the final schedule (other parts are an advisory board and the organization of the event).


We'll start accepting talks as soon as we feel appropriate. The sooner you submit a talk the better, because eventually we'll accept all the talks we can and run out of slots.


We're also inviting several people to give talks and keynotes at Codebits 2010. Those won't even have the thumbs down option, as they're going to be so cool.

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De Pedro Oliveira a 24 de Agosto de 2010 às 10:20
Hope to see some nice talks like last year talks

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