Quarta-feira, 25 de Agosto de 2010

Retro Computing

We always have several new things at Codebits, and this year will be no exception.

Retro Computing is one of these things.

If you have a ZX Spectrum, a Commodore 64, an Amiga 500, a Dreamcast, a PlayStation (one), an Atari 2600, a GameCube, an Amstrad or an IBM PC with some really old games or something along those lines, it's time to blow out the dust of that relic and see if it still works.

It probably does.

We're really sorry if it doesn't; we'll try to get you some chocolate cake.


But since it probably will run, put it in your "things to take to Codebits" bag and bring it along for the event (don't forget to add that information to your profile). Also, get in touch with us (codebits at sapo dot pt), to make sure we know, and let us know if you need any extra material (a TV or something else). Do that as soon as possible, to that we have plenty of time to peruse eBay.

We'll have a space reserved for Retro Gaming/Computing.

We'll even bring our own Arcade machine.

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De Filipe Cruz a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 11:10
would be dope to do a demoscene demoshow of retro machines! usually have to play them on emulator or video, but seeing them on the real hardware is much much cooler :)

De Macário a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 11:10
Nem uma Nintendo?? :O

De Iris a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 12:01
Yay! demoscene demoshow of retro machines!

De Pedro Correia a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 13:25
what about a Master System? :D

De Dextro a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 14:07
WAIT WAIT WAIT! The Playstation one and Gamecube are retro systems now? Damn I must be getting old then cause I haven't begun thinking of them as such yet (as for the Dreamcast that's different, it's been epic since the moment it came out :P ).

Oh well, I do have a mega drive on the attic. I used to have a Master System but I have no idea where it is now and my fathers Spectrum went to the garbage bin a few years back since it was little more than a brick.

De Ammartins ( Tó ) a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 15:07
I can bring my Nes 8bit :D

De Mario Valente a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 15:20
Can bring: Commodore 64, Sega Megadrive, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, NeXT workstation, Mac Cube, black PowerMac G3. And 2 Gameboys and one Atari (if I can find them)

De David Silva a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 15:38
Boas, eu, se tudo estiver bem, ainda tenho uma mega drive 16-bit, serve?

De Ana Reis a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 15:54
Eu tinha um ZX Spectrum!!!!! Vou ver se o consigo encontrar :) ainda me lembro do barulhinho que ele fazia quando estava a fazer o loading dos jogos... <3

De Ricardo Soares a 25 de Agosto de 2010 às 16:21
I can take a 16bit Sega Mega Drive with about...hmmm... 7/8 games!

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