Quinta-feira, 26 de Agosto de 2010

Approving the first batch of candidates

As we're working on the schedule and several satellite events, it's worth noting two things:

1 - It's now been a week since we opened registrations;

2 - At the time of this writing we have received 495 applications.

With that in mind, we're now starting to approve some candidates.

Stay tuned to @codebits, as candidates who have filled their Twitter handle will receive their own public confirmation.

We imagine that you have several questions in mind, so we'll try to address a few:

Q: How many candidates are you approving today?

A: About 50.

Q: Are you going to select the best 50 today?

A: No, we're just going to approve 50. They won't be the best, they won't be the worst; they will simply be 50 of the final 600.

Q: I don't have much karma. Should I be worried?

A: Don't worry, be happy. Karma is just a mixture of several aspect that we hacked together (and then re-hacked) to help us browse the list of candidates, but at no point will someone be rejected just for having a low karma score. However, keep in mind that a *very* low karma could be an indicator that something is missing. Have you written your bio yet?


Q: OK, so what if I'm not accepted today?

A: Well, it doesn't really mean anything at this point. If we keep on accepting batches of 50 people at a time, we'll have to do it 12 times to get the 600 participants.


Q: Got it. That means if I don't receive an email today I shouldn't be worried.

A: That's... not really a question, is it?


Stay tuned, your name could come up.

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