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First batch of talks

We currently have over 600 candidates on our system.

Over 600 people who have applied to attend Codebits 2010.

In less then two weeks.


We've just been through hundreds of applications and approved 50 of them (we now have exactly 100 people accepted).

But Codebits isn't just about attendees and pizzas; Codebits wouldn't be what it is without its amazing talks and workshops.

With that in mind, we'd like to share with you some of the talks that have already been accepted and confirmed by their respective speakers. These will remain on the talk proposals list so that you can keep on providing us with your feedback (which will help when we assemble the schedule).




Spacebits, by Celso Martinho

A group of people got together after last year's Codebits and managed to send a balloon into the stratosphere, complete with cameras, sensors, the works.


They also managed to recover it safely.


This talk is their story.

One other thing that makes us especially happy about this talk is that in the beginning it was just a placeholder, SAPO's CTO beta-testing the talk submission form. As it turns out, there is high demand for the talk, and thus we managed to give our CTO some extra work and told him he would have to give the talk.

We're really happy about it :-)


How to build your own Quadrocopter, by Lenz Grimmer

Ever wanted to own a Quadrocopter?

Of course you did! And if you didn't, you probably do now!

Do you have any idea what it takes to build one?

Well Lenz didn't either, but he's figuring it out.

In this talk, Lenz will show us all the details on how a Quadrocopter works and what you need to assemble one yourself.


Computer Forensics - The Digital CSI - What, Why and How, by Tiago Henriques

Two in one: a presentation and a workshop.

Starting with a light presentation on the concept, this talk will move on to the technical details and will even include a case study.

Attendees will then be taken through the steps of analyzing a disk image (if you want to participate in this experience don't forget to bring your laptops with VirtualBox or Vmware).


Collecting and Visualizing Data, by Brian Suda

To most Codebits' attendees Brian will probably require no introduction.

He gave a very well received presentation at Codebits 2009 - Optional is Required - and now his book Designing with data just came out.

This year, Brian is coming back to Lisbon to talk to us on ways to collect data and visualize it.



1. Code 2. ????? 3. PROFIT!, by Pedro Morais

Pedro is going to take us through the world of marketplaces: Apple's App Store, the Android Market, the Google Apps Marketplace and the Chrome Web Store.

Do you think there's stuff you don't know because you simply never tried it yourself?

Of course there is.

The costs, the legal hurdles and all the other details you never heard about.




More talks will follow.

We're currently sorting out the details with some speakers and we still have a lot of talks to approve and some tough decisions to make (don't forget: your feedback counts).

While we don't have a deadline for talk proposals, we are indeed approving talks, which means we're filling in several available slots each day.

If you want to give a talk at Codebits, please submit it now.

We said "now"; you're still reading this, we know. Go on.


In the meantime, we'll just go and approve 50 more candidates.

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De Rodrigo Toste Gomes a 1 de Setembro de 2010 às 19:09
The talks look great! I'd really like to attend, let's hope I get accepted :P

De Tiago a 1 de Setembro de 2010 às 22:27
Depois disto so tenho a dizer

Aceitem-me que este ano vai ser de arrasar

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