Quinta-feira, 16 de Setembro de 2010

Visiting the venue

Have we mentioned there's a bunch of people involved in putting Codebits together?


Some of those people went to the venue today.


As soon as we got in we split into several groups.


Some of us stayed in the main area analyzing the first draft of the plant and deciding what to change.


Analyzing the schematics


Some of us vanished in search of cables and switchboards, preparing the whole network setup.


Heading towards the switchboards


Some of us went into the kitchen (yes, we're using the kitchen this year, and no, we're not entirely sure you'll like it).


Some of us simply got lost.


It was fun, watching the security guards trying to figure out what the hell we were doing, why there were so many of us, and why a part of the group was walking down that particular corridor (the answer being, of course, that we didn't know either).


All along the venue


Audio and video recording were also addressed today, as many other things.


At the same time, others at SAPO's headquarters were working for Codebits too.


Preparing another quiz, we're afraid.


Anyway, the venue is huge, and has a really high ceiling, which will be handy for some of the things we have in mind.


Oh, and we also found the perfect area for the retro gaming/computing experience (which reminds us we have a ton of emails to answer; sorry about that, we'll get to it shortly).


Stay tuned!

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De João Carvalho a 17 de Setembro de 2010 às 06:46
Excelent, it seems so cosy, feels like the main stage area on the 2º Edition. If it does awesome. I only see one problem, it has natural light, we are night people, we work better whith no lights :D. Just Kiding.

De celso a 17 de Setembro de 2010 às 11:40
Those windows will be closed

De Claudia Borralho a 17 de Setembro de 2010 às 10:47
Também posso cozinhar? Faço uns brownies excelentes!!!!

De asturmas a 18 de Setembro de 2010 às 21:57
Não deixem por favor o Pedro usar o famoso mata línguas dele...

De pedrocs a 1 de Outubro de 2010 às 13:08
Be afraid... be VERY afraid.

De asturmas a 4 de Outubro de 2010 às 04:48
Venha a pizza e não o deixem entrar na cozinha...

De jonasnuts a 17 de Setembro de 2010 às 21:43
É só gajos pá......
Não há mulheres na organização?

De celso a 18 de Setembro de 2010 às 10:13
Quem é que pensas que tirou estas fotografias?

De jonasnuts a 18 de Setembro de 2010 às 10:17
Quem foi que as tirou? :)

De pedrocs a 1 de Outubro de 2010 às 13:09
Há sim senhora. Aliás, acho que concordarão que se não fosse uma mulher em particular, isto seria tudo mais difícil.

De David Silva a 19 de Setembro de 2010 às 23:36
Do you need a hand? I can help :P

De Velarier a 21 de Setembro de 2010 às 03:00
Vai haver um mapa como houve na cordoaria?

De Goncalo a 24 de Setembro de 2010 às 16:09
Grande escolha!

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