Sexta-feira, 8 de Outubro de 2010

~1,000 candidates, +600 approved

As announced, we closed registrations yesterday.


After that we were left with almost 1,000 candidates for only 600 seats.


The enourmous amount of candidates we wanted to approve has led us to go the extra mile and approve *over* 600 people.


Most candidates should now have received an email with an answer. A few have received an email explaining the current situation and requesting that they update their bio.


Around Tuesday/Wednesday next week we'll be reviewing those last profiles. We hope to be able to approve a few of them.


It should be noted - once again - that going through all the bios and profiles and deciding on each of them is not an easy task. We do read every bio carefully and we do take all the information we can into consideration.

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De Dextro a 8 de Outubro de 2010 às 20:26
Kudos on the work so far and best of luck for the hard work ahead. You guys rock for doing this :)

De Francisco Ferreira a 9 de Outubro de 2010 às 15:04
Aceitem o que considerando o percurso no mundo da informática que ele tem tido é um pouco esquisito ele ainda nao ter sido aceite.

Concordo com o argumento dele

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