Terça-feira, 9 de Novembro de 2010

48 hour party people

Codebits is just around the corner and we'll have a 48 hour competition going on.

We have some rules and some guidelines for you:

  • teams should have at least 2 elements (otherwise it isn't a team and we won't let you present your project);
  • by the end of the 48 hours you should actually have something to present (presenting an idea with nothing implemented is not gonna fly);
  • we strongly recommend that you split the 48 hours in two parts; spend the first 24 hours getting inspiration, finding a team and mentally preparing your project; spend the other 24 hours hacking or soldering or whatever it is your project requires;
  • we strongly recommend that you get some sleep; it's hard enough to spend one night without sleeping, but two nights is really pushing it; also, try to have some fun now and then;
  • if your project requires someone with certain skills, do state so on the abstract, or write something on your the closest flipchart, or look for them;
  • if you don't have a project nor a team and want to participate on the competition, look for member requests on the project abstracts;
  • if your project is web based, please submit a url (when possible) where the jury might be able to try it out; if it's not web based, fill in the url field only if you deem appropriate;
  • by the end of it all we'll have an amazing project presentation session, with only 90 seconds per team (yes, only 90 seconds, you read that right).

A quick note on groups:

  • don't be shy; talk to people;
  • when people are trying to overcome their natural shyness, please try not to scare them away :-)

If you have any questions, drop us a line.

And two final important notices:

  • the one thing we request is that all projects have some degree of seriousness (but we do encourage humor) and no offensive content (if your project disappears, it's probably because someone from the organization thought it should);
  • try not to reinvent the wheel or replicate something that already exists; try to surprise us with new stuff; we like surprises!

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