Quinta-feira, 11 de Novembro de 2010

Wireless, cable and some statistics

The wireless is up and running, and alternatives are ready too.


Server rack


SSID: codebits

Password: hack2010


There are two ethernet cables per table plus some cables by each stage (which are supposed to be used by the speakers should they require so).


Tables with two ethernet cables each


We know you like numbers, so here are a few:


  • 1,300 power plugs
  • ~10 km of cable
  • over 250 ethernet cables
  • 13 switches with 48 ports each
  • 3 switches core
  • 18 Access Points
  • 2 controllers
  • 7 racks
  • lots of monitoring
  • an amazing team putting all this together and making sure it all works at all times

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