Sábado, 13 de Novembro de 2010

Selected projects for the big presentation

After checking almost 100 projects the jury has gathered in a room.


There were way too many great projects, and while some of them may have received good feedback from the jury, it seems more promising projects showed up too.


This does not vouch for the amazing factor on the presentations, but they're the ones that managed to better convince the jury of their potential.


We have tweeted the numbers of the selected projects and they should be testing everything now.


As soon as possible we'll be on stage for the big presentation.


Thank you everyone for you efforts, patience and comprehension.


The numbers of the projects for the big thing: 131, 192, 209, 161, 203, 163, 133, 183, 145, 196, 116, 224, 197, 125, 221, 193, 218, 223, 129, 207, 142, 159, 213, 134, 234, 181, 174, 201, 212, 187, 177, 200,184, 228, 144, 205, 136, 113, 141, 215, 168, 172, 225, 126, 202, 214.


See you in a while.

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De PedroSilva a 13 de Novembro de 2010 às 16:33
Still don't see the point of the pre-selection. Want to limit the number of projects, do it before the devs/desingers/geeks stay up all night working hard.

last year there was also around 90 projects, some of them were crap, but everyone got a chance, everyone tried and got 90secs airtime reward, even if it was to fail miserably. It was fun. This year some potentially great projects were cast asside just because...

maybe if we could keep up the schedules, there would be no time problems... just saying...

De David Silva a 13 de Novembro de 2010 às 20:29
Obrigado José Castro, Obrigado Celso, obrigado a toda a equipa do SAPO, este Codebits foi espetacular para mim, embora não tenha apresentado um projecto este ano conheci imensa gente, fiquei a saber ainda mais, foi exelente mesmo.

Obrigado pela boa experiência :D

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