Sexta-feira, 22 de Julho de 2011

Registration and talk proposals...

...are now open.


Once again, take a deep breath.


If you don't have an account on the website yet, you need to create one.


Once you have an account, log in and hit "Codebits 2011 - Apply now".


Take some time to update your information and please note these relevant points:


  • apply for Codebits only if you want to attend the three days; if you won't be able to do so but still want to apply, please mention that on your application;
  • the information you submit is what allows us to make a decision on whether to accept you; regardless of how worthy you are, if there are 800 candidates with a better application than yours, chances are you won't make it to the final 800;
  • don't assume we know you; the panel that approves the candidates is comprised of several people and your application may just pass the hands of those who don't know who you are;
  • we're always looking for newcomers, but do understand that past actions mean a lot; if you gave a talk, submitted a project (or even won an award) or helped Codebits in any way in the past, don't be afraid to claim that in your bio; conversely, if you were accepted in previous years but didn't show up or were in the precint for only a couple of hours, we do have that information and we'll feel obliged to accept a newcomer before accepting you;
  • the earliest you apply the bigger the chances of getting accepted (which is not to say you have to do it right now, but do consider doing it sooner rather than later); candidates are approved in batches, so the sooner you apply the less competition you have;
  • the more information you provide us, the easier it is for us to make a decision (and the easier it is to make a decision, the sooner it will be made);
  • if you do insist on copy pasting your résumé, try not to include your home address and phone number;
  • simply stating you're a CTO/CEO/XPTO of some company doesn't mean much - there are just way too many companies and we don't know all of them - try to tell us about technology or what you do, or what you expect to get from the event, not the official position you hold.


We'll post more information on registration soon (but we do feel that the information in last year's registration opening might be worth a reading).


And then we have talks:


  • if you submit a talk, make sure you're able and willing to give it, should it be accepted;
  • if your talk is accepted, you'll certainly be approved for the event;
  • talk proposals are public and will be voted by the candidates of Codebits 2011; voting by the candidates, by our panel, and by the organizers, will account for whether a talk is approved; we'll also be looking for a nice mix of topics;
  • please do not assume we'll cover any costs related to your talk; if there's something you'll require, do let us know *before* you submit the talk;
  • the sooner you submit a talk the greater the chances of it being accepted; submitting a terrific proposal on a subject that already has several talks approved will lower your chances;
  • if you're a speaker, we expect you to attend Codebits during the three days it lasts.


More information on the talk selection process soon.

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