Terça-feira, 27 de Setembro de 2011

First version of the calendar

We just put the first version of the calendar online.


It currently holds 60 slots for talks, 45 of which are already assigned; we're currently discussing the 15 left, which will also include some guests we've invited.


Don't consider any of this final just yet; it's still going to be tweaked quite a bit; more slots may show up and some may even disappear.


And here's where you can help: if you're attending Codebits, you can go through the talks on the calendar and mark the ones you really want to see as favorites.


That will allow us to see what sort of attendance each talk is going to get, and thus move talks around to better accommodate everyone.


Mark talks as favorites even if they clash; we will take that information into consideration to create a better schedule.


We believe we've taken into consideration every single speaker constrain, but we'll be double checking those soon, and we know that more may show up.


Have fun!

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