Segunda-feira, 10 de Outubro de 2011

Final bio revisions

Applications for Codebits 2011 are now closed and we'll be spending quite some time going through the bios of all remaining candidates.

Everyone who applied will be getting an email regarding their participation during this week, whether it's accepting or declining their application.

If you haven't updated your bio yet, this is the last call; soon we'll approve the remaining participants for Codebits and after that it will be considerably hard to make any changes.

It should also be noted that we take into consideration several aspects of your applications that you might not be aware of; everything we can make use of that might let us decide who will benefit more from the event, we will.

Remember: it's never easy to reject an application, so please make sure you're providing us with all the relevant information for us to make decisions; for instance, knowing the extensive list of companies you've worked for might be less important than knowing why you want to attend Codebits. And Tacos are not necessarily the best answer.

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