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Candidate selection: current status and next steps

If you applied to attend Codebits 2011 you should have by now received an email with the decision regarding your application (if you didn't receive that email you either didn't press the "Apply now" button or you had trouble writing your email address and that email couldn't reach you).


It took us a while.


Over a thousand applications.


Over a million bytes of bios.


Plus the daily diffs on those bios (yes, you read that right).


And all the other data we look into.


Some candidates may even have been rejected for reasons they don't yet understand.


We went into a lot of details this year:


  • bios: the relevant information on the bio, the amount of edits, etc.; it should also be noted that what looks like an amazing bio to people who know you may not provide the relevant information to a moderator who doesn't;
  • logs: the last time the person came to the website, the comments on talks or blog posts, the voting on talks, the feedback on talks (and yes, we do read the comments and writing "LOL" 49 times doesn't count; yes, you) and things like adding talks as favorites (if you create a complete personal schedule you definitely have an interest in attending);
  • history: if present at previous editions, things like whether the person entered the 48h competition, or whether the person failed to show at the event after being accepted, or if the person did indeed show up on the first day or only bothered to check in on the afternoon of the last day;
  • and a few other things as well.


(We do understand that these were not known facts, but if they had been, we wouldn't have been able to use them.)


None of these factors by itself (apart from the content on the bio, of course) could provide us with a decision, but when put together they start to form a picture of who the person is, what they'll bring to the event and what they'll take from it.


What this amounts to is that chosing between a) a newcomer who actually went to the website on a regular basis and updated their bio several times (actually improving it), who took the time to vote on talks (and we do mean vote, we don't mean pressing the very same button on every talk), provided a couple of genuine comments, tried to create their own schedule by adding talks as favorites, went to Wikipedia and edited SAPO Codebits' page there, and generally showed an interest in attending, or b) a Codebits veteran who never entered any of the major activities of the event (and Nuclear Tacos don't really count for this purpose), who came to the website only once to apply and never came back again (and that was over a month ago) and who basically seems to have no real interest in attending other then spending time with some friends... Well... The choice had to be made.


But it should be noted that most of the time the bios were enough to make a decision.


Still, it was quite an effort, and we are indeed revising a few odd situations that arose.


We know we have a lot of worthy candidates who were not accepted, and we do apologize for that, but we still have a limit of people we can accomodate.


We trust that those of you who were accepted will make the best of those three days and that you do understand that if you weren't there, somebody else would, so if for some reason you find yourself unable to attend we urge you to let us know (you can actually cancel your participation in your profile) so that we can assign your place to another candidate who wasn't so lucky but who still desires to attend.

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