Sexta-feira, 28 de Outubro de 2011

Presentation Karaoke 2011

Just like last year, we'll be holding a Presentation Karaoke competition at this year's Codebits.


It's just like regular Karaoke: you get on stage, take hold of the mike, the music starts and the lyrics scroll along the screen.


Except there's no music.


And no lyrics.


And there's a presentation you've never seen before.


But this year there's a twist.


You get to do the presentations!


Yes, you!


You'll find some examples and inspiration in the starter kit we prepared for you.


You'll also find a presentation in there with the rules and guidelines for your creations (just forget about the bit that says to rehearse it; you won't be presenting your own slides).


The Karaokers (all 10 of them) will likely be selected from within the best 10 presentations we receive.


Send your slides to codebits at sapo dot pt until the end of November 6th (a Sunday). Make sure you don't post your slides online, otherwise the surprise would be spoiled.


You may send more than one set of slides, although you'll only be allowed on stage once.


You can also send slides and state that you have no interest in going to the stage, in which case we'll randomly select another Karaoker.


You can expect fun, laughter and the unexpected.


And yes, we do reserve to add or take a bit from your presentations, regardless of whether they end up on stage.

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