Quinta-feira, 3 de Novembro de 2011

Kinect SDK at Codebits – be a VIP

Heard about Kinect? And all that cool stuff developers around the world are doing with it? (including in Portugal) Well, seems that Microsoft was listening and released the beta of an SDK, which you can found here.
And now for the cool stuff.
Codebits established a partnership with Microsoft and, besides some really (really really) cool stuff we’re preparing to show you on the event, we also have a very special treat for all of you who want to develop your projects during Codebits using the Kinect SDK. So we’ll be selecting up to 5 teams for a very special treatment during the event, including:

  • A free Kinect (oh yeah, thank you MS) for each of the 5 teams selected, as long as you develop a project using Kinect SDK;
  • Access to Kinect SDK experts during the event that will help you on all doubts and questions you may face developing your project, including Jeff Sipko (the speaker for the Kinect SDK session) and the Wi-Go team (yup, those guys on the video above);
  • VIP treatment! (including a backpack filled with good stuff for each of the team members, and lots of special treats during the event – we know what VIP means, so you’ll have it)

So what do you have to do, besides develop your project with Kinect? Just prove that you’re the one(s) to be selected in, at most, 3 sentences and send it to us with your name and contact to kinectsdkcodebits@hotmail.com. We’ll be accepting your inspired sentences until the 23h59 of 8th November, and we’ll make you know if you’re one of the VIPs on the 9th. Stay tuned.




Oh and one more thing (cliché, anyone?): we also want to know your ideas on how could we use Kinect to create the coolest possible stuff available for you at Codebits itself, in the future. A sleepiness test? A virtual family hugger for the ones who miss home? The 2 best ideas (in 140 chars, tweet-like) sent to kinectsdkcodebits@hotmail.com until the 23h59/8th Nov. also win a Kinect (don’t forget your name and contact).

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