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Quick guide for the competition

Create your team and define the project concept

Don’t be over-ambitious. Remember that you only have 48 hours to complete the project and the completion ratio will be taken into consideration.
Be creative, original and make sure to employ a sizable amount of common sense.

Register your project on Codebits.eu

Do it immediately. The pre-selection will start simultaneously with the programming contest. No need to prove or demo anything during the interview. We only want to assess the team’s potential.


The deadline for registration is Friday at 13:30. Do it earlier please!

Make sure you attend "The Elevator Pitch" workshop

Learn how to present in public, how to stand on stage, how to speak and what you should emphasize during your 90 seconds of fame. A good presentation will get you at least half the way into a good ranking.

Code! Design! Polish!

Do your thing and have fun!

Keep tabs on codebits.eu and @codebits for news

The official selection will be posted on the site. Again, the groups will be:

Group A: stage presentation.
Group B: video presentation.

If any project from Group A fails to attend the stage presentation, the jury will choose a replacement from Group B.

Get ready!

Group A: choose a volunteer to run up to the stage and do the video setup test. Rehearse your presentation. Make each of the 90 seconds count, they’re all you’ve got!
Group B: create your video presentation. We recommend drafting a short storyboard and then recording your video - anything between a simple PowerPoint/Keynote slideshow with a voiceover or an action-packed blockbuster will do, but remember, creativity is key! Your video should be ready at 14:00.

Stand and deliver!

Group A presents on stage
Group B must upload their video to SAPO Videos and update the Video URL field on their project page in codebits.eu. Time limit: 14:00

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