Quinta-feira, 10 de Novembro de 2011

Bot Photo-Op

Do you love the Codebits bots as much as we do?


Well, if you love them at least as much, then this year you have the unique, once in a lifetime opportunity of hugging one.


Or, rather, take a photo of yourself in the company of one of them:




We'll be making some of these available in the main room (near our awesome mega-bot panorama podium), and you can:


  • borrow one, 
  • take photos at your whim, 
  • give it back (this is one of the important bits - they're a limited edition, and remember, we love them...), 
  • and then post the result on SAPO Photos tagged with "ilovethisbot" (this is, of course, another important bit). 


By Saturday, we'll select the best photos with this tag and award some prizes for humor, originality and, of course, overall geek factor.

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