Quinta-feira, 10 de Novembro de 2011

How Strong is Your Karaoke-fu?

And the clock is ticking for this year's Presentation Karaoke...


Are you ready to go on stage? Have you rehearsed, cleared your voice, ran around the building a couple of times to make sure you've got what it takes?


(We know that nuclear tacos are the only thing that is literally surefire in guaranteeing success in all of the above - at once - but they'll only be available tomorrow...)


Remember, we'll be starting the event at 22:30 tonight. 


But there's a little twist...


Remember the rules? Well, as everything else in this fast-paced Internet-driven world, they're dead. Gone. Deprecated. We decided to wing it and have even less rules and much more of a good time. 


So make sure you're not late - if you're late, you'll miss the surprise...

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