Sexta-feira, 11 de Novembro de 2011

More Bots In a Row (The Six-Pack Edition!)

And they keep on coming, folks!


First off, the winners for the previous photo-op contest should pop over to the SAPO Fotos team (ask for Bernardo Mota near the panorama Mega Bot) to collect their prize.


Oopsie. Yeah, we know there are two identical T-Shirts in there. Sorry, it's been a long night. Or two.


Next up, we have another opportunity for you and your buddies to show off the amazing T-Shirts we have for this year's event:


We're now handing out prizes for photos tagged with both "codebits2011" and "botsixpack" featuring six or more people with identical T-Shirts


The photo featuring more people until 17:00 wins, so start finding people that share your excellent taste in clothing and arranging things.


To make it more challenging, make sure both faces and T-Shirts are clearly visible.

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