Segunda-feira, 19 de Setembro de 2011

Your own personal bot

There are several new things on the website.

Let's start with one of the best:

     Build your own bot!

That's right: Your own! Personal! Bot!


Random Bot


You can build your bot and you can set your personal bot (you can also save the bots to files on your disk so you can do whatever you want with them).

You can now also set your photo locally to the website, instead of being forced to use gravatar (but you can still use this service).

And speaking of photos, a word of caution:

     Your avatar and your bot are two different things. You can get a bot and set it as your avatar, but we'd much prefer if you didn't and you used a real life photo of yourself as your avatar on the website. Let's just say if you use a real photo it's going to be quicker to get into the building.

But there's other new things.

You now have a page dedicated to friends management, which might be useful. And there's also a "cancel" button in your profile, so you can cancel your participation in Codebits without having to send us an email. Remember: if you're accepted and find out you can't come, canceling your participation might give somebody else the chance to attend; conversely, if you can't make it but do not cancel, that one seat that could be filled with someone with a strong desire to attend.

The API has also been improved and now supports badges.

But go on now, build your bot.

There might be some easter eggs.

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Sexta-feira, 8 de Outubro de 2010

Lisbon API

We're happy to announce that the Lisbon City council will be unveiling an API pretty soon.


We've decided to enter in a partnership with them and present the Codebits participants with this initiative.


More news on this soon.

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