Segunda-feira, 10 de Outubro de 2011

Final bio revisions

Applications for Codebits 2011 are now closed and we'll be spending quite some time going through the bios of all remaining candidates.

Everyone who applied will be getting an email regarding their participation during this week, whether it's accepting or declining their application.

If you haven't updated your bio yet, this is the last call; soon we'll approve the remaining participants for Codebits and after that it will be considerably hard to make any changes.

It should also be noted that we take into consideration several aspects of your applications that you might not be aware of; everything we can make use of that might let us decide who will benefit more from the event, we will.

Remember: it's never easy to reject an application, so please make sure you're providing us with all the relevant information for us to make decisions; for instance, knowing the extensive list of companies you've worked for might be less important than knowing why you want to attend Codebits. And Tacos are not necessarily the best answer.

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Sexta-feira, 26 de Agosto de 2011

Random bio stats

Shortest bio - 2 chars


Longest bio - 10,176


Candidates with bios shorter than 100 chars - 45


Average bio length - 1111


Average bio length for pre-approved candidates - 1415


Pre-approved candidates - 248


Candidates with no twitter account - 99


Candidates with no blog - 299


Candidates with no coderepo - 522


Candidates with no twitter account, no blog, and no coderepo - 84


Candidates who haven't logged in in over a month - 45

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Segunda-feira, 22 de Agosto de 2011

How NOT to get accepted for Codebits 2011

One would think this post wasn't necessary, but hey, you'd be surprised.

Just so you know, you'll get a hard time getting accepted to Codebits if...

  • your bio is shorter than your name...
  • you registered on the website and then forgot to hit the "Apply now" button... (it's one thing to have an account on the website, it's another to attend the event)
  • your bio claims you really want to attend Codebits *2010*...
  • you say you really enjoyed last year's Codebits, in *2009*...
  • your bio is neither in Portuguese nor in English...
  • we can't figure out which language you used for your bio...
  • you were under the influence of something weird while writing your application...

Even if you're sure you didn't make any of these mistakes, we do suggest you double-check it; and after you do please remind your friends to do the same.

We currently have ~200 candidates pre-approved and we're trying to go through the remaining hundreds as fast we can, but it should take us a couple of weeks. (some people don't write enough, others don't know when to stop; seriously, a 10k bio?)

And BTW, at the time of writing there are 256 people (seriously, we're not making this number up) who have registered on the website but haven't pressed the "Apply now" button; granted, some of these people may not be interested in attending (perhaps they just want to have access to the quiz once it starts), but judging from the numbers we'd say we had a lot of people missing the button.

Perhaps it needs more cowbell...

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