Quinta-feira, 3 de Novembro de 2011

A few more seats...

As we near Codebits, a few attendees always have to cancel their participation (family issues, too much work, a cold, etc; the usual).


This means we do have a couple of extra seats left.


If you registered and applied to attend Codebits on time but haven't been accepted, and if you feel you really deserve to be there, do edit your bio and do make sure you let us know what makes you a worthy candidate.


We'll do our best to go through the final revisions and approve the final attendees this week.

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Sexta-feira, 14 de Outubro de 2011

Candidate selection: current status and next steps

If you applied to attend Codebits 2011 you should have by now received an email with the decision regarding your application (if you didn't receive that email you either didn't press the "Apply now" button or you had trouble writing your email address and that email couldn't reach you).


It took us a while.


Over a thousand applications.


Over a million bytes of bios.


Plus the daily diffs on those bios (yes, you read that right).


And all the other data we look into.


Some candidates may even have been rejected for reasons they don't yet understand.


We went into a lot of details this year:


  • bios: the relevant information on the bio, the amount of edits, etc.; it should also be noted that what looks like an amazing bio to people who know you may not provide the relevant information to a moderator who doesn't;
  • logs: the last time the person came to the website, the comments on talks or blog posts, the voting on talks, the feedback on talks (and yes, we do read the comments and writing "LOL" 49 times doesn't count; yes, you) and things like adding talks as favorites (if you create a complete personal schedule you definitely have an interest in attending);
  • history: if present at previous editions, things like whether the person entered the 48h competition, or whether the person failed to show at the event after being accepted, or if the person did indeed show up on the first day or only bothered to check in on the afternoon of the last day;
  • and a few other things as well.


(We do understand that these were not known facts, but if they had been, we wouldn't have been able to use them.)


None of these factors by itself (apart from the content on the bio, of course) could provide us with a decision, but when put together they start to form a picture of who the person is, what they'll bring to the event and what they'll take from it.


What this amounts to is that chosing between a) a newcomer who actually went to the website on a regular basis and updated their bio several times (actually improving it), who took the time to vote on talks (and we do mean vote, we don't mean pressing the very same button on every talk), provided a couple of genuine comments, tried to create their own schedule by adding talks as favorites, went to Wikipedia and edited SAPO Codebits' page there, and generally showed an interest in attending, or b) a Codebits veteran who never entered any of the major activities of the event (and Nuclear Tacos don't really count for this purpose), who came to the website only once to apply and never came back again (and that was over a month ago) and who basically seems to have no real interest in attending other then spending time with some friends... Well... The choice had to be made.


But it should be noted that most of the time the bios were enough to make a decision.


Still, it was quite an effort, and we are indeed revising a few odd situations that arose.


We know we have a lot of worthy candidates who were not accepted, and we do apologize for that, but we still have a limit of people we can accomodate.


We trust that those of you who were accepted will make the best of those three days and that you do understand that if you weren't there, somebody else would, so if for some reason you find yourself unable to attend we urge you to let us know (you can actually cancel your participation in your profile) so that we can assign your place to another candidate who wasn't so lucky but who still desires to attend.

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Segunda-feira, 10 de Outubro de 2011

Final bio revisions

Applications for Codebits 2011 are now closed and we'll be spending quite some time going through the bios of all remaining candidates.

Everyone who applied will be getting an email regarding their participation during this week, whether it's accepting or declining their application.

If you haven't updated your bio yet, this is the last call; soon we'll approve the remaining participants for Codebits and after that it will be considerably hard to make any changes.

It should also be noted that we take into consideration several aspects of your applications that you might not be aware of; everything we can make use of that might let us decide who will benefit more from the event, we will.

Remember: it's never easy to reject an application, so please make sure you're providing us with all the relevant information for us to make decisions; for instance, knowing the extensive list of companies you've worked for might be less important than knowing why you want to attend Codebits. And Tacos are not necessarily the best answer.

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Sexta-feira, 7 de Outubro de 2011

Reminder: Deadline for applications is today

A friendly reminder: the deadline for Codebits 2011 applications is today.

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Terça-feira, 27 de Setembro de 2011

Deadline for applications 2011

We still have plenty of bios to read (and many of them keep changing), but we've settled on a date for closing registrations and the "apply now" button on the website.


If you haven't registered yet, please do so ASAP.


If you have registered but haven't clicked "Apply now", please do so as well.


A few notes:


  • After clicking "Apply now" you should receive an email explaining the rest of the process; if you haven't received this email, chances are you missed the button when clicking;
  • If you submitted a talk, you still need to "Apply now";
  • Deadline for registration and applications is October 7th (a Friday).

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Sexta-feira, 26 de Agosto de 2011

Random bio stats

Shortest bio - 2 chars


Longest bio - 10,176


Candidates with bios shorter than 100 chars - 45


Average bio length - 1111


Average bio length for pre-approved candidates - 1415


Pre-approved candidates - 248


Candidates with no twitter account - 99


Candidates with no blog - 299


Candidates with no coderepo - 522


Candidates with no twitter account, no blog, and no coderepo - 84


Candidates who haven't logged in in over a month - 45

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Terça-feira, 23 de Agosto de 2011

Adding public repos to personal profiles

Due to popular demand, your profiles now have a field to set up your public repos (i.e., github url).


Have fun!

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Segunda-feira, 22 de Agosto de 2011

How NOT to get accepted for Codebits 2011

One would think this post wasn't necessary, but hey, you'd be surprised.

Just so you know, you'll get a hard time getting accepted to Codebits if...

  • your bio is shorter than your name...
  • you registered on the website and then forgot to hit the "Apply now" button... (it's one thing to have an account on the website, it's another to attend the event)
  • your bio claims you really want to attend Codebits *2010*...
  • you say you really enjoyed last year's Codebits, in *2009*...
  • your bio is neither in Portuguese nor in English...
  • we can't figure out which language you used for your bio...
  • you were under the influence of something weird while writing your application...

Even if you're sure you didn't make any of these mistakes, we do suggest you double-check it; and after you do please remind your friends to do the same.

We currently have ~200 candidates pre-approved and we're trying to go through the remaining hundreds as fast we can, but it should take us a couple of weeks. (some people don't write enough, others don't know when to stop; seriously, a 10k bio?)

And BTW, at the time of writing there are 256 people (seriously, we're not making this number up) who have registered on the website but haven't pressed the "Apply now" button; granted, some of these people may not be interested in attending (perhaps they just want to have access to the quiz once it starts), but judging from the numbers we'd say we had a lot of people missing the button.

Perhaps it needs more cowbell...

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Quarta-feira, 10 de Agosto de 2011

First 50 participants...

The first 50 participants have been pre-approved.


This means they're approved in our system, but they don't know it yet.


As we move along the hundreds and hundreds of applications, one question remains: is your bio up to date?


Hint: stating you "did a project last year" when our database tells us you only did a project in 2009 is a clear sign that your bio should be reviewed...

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Sexta-feira, 22 de Julho de 2011

Registration and talk proposals...

...are now open.


Once again, take a deep breath.


If you don't have an account on the website yet, you need to create one.


Once you have an account, log in and hit "Codebits 2011 - Apply now".


Take some time to update your information and please note these relevant points:


  • apply for Codebits only if you want to attend the three days; if you won't be able to do so but still want to apply, please mention that on your application;
  • the information you submit is what allows us to make a decision on whether to accept you; regardless of how worthy you are, if there are 800 candidates with a better application than yours, chances are you won't make it to the final 800;
  • don't assume we know you; the panel that approves the candidates is comprised of several people and your application may just pass the hands of those who don't know who you are;
  • we're always looking for newcomers, but do understand that past actions mean a lot; if you gave a talk, submitted a project (or even won an award) or helped Codebits in any way in the past, don't be afraid to claim that in your bio; conversely, if you were accepted in previous years but didn't show up or were in the precint for only a couple of hours, we do have that information and we'll feel obliged to accept a newcomer before accepting you;
  • the earliest you apply the bigger the chances of getting accepted (which is not to say you have to do it right now, but do consider doing it sooner rather than later); candidates are approved in batches, so the sooner you apply the less competition you have;
  • the more information you provide us, the easier it is for us to make a decision (and the easier it is to make a decision, the sooner it will be made);
  • if you do insist on copy pasting your résumé, try not to include your home address and phone number;
  • simply stating you're a CTO/CEO/XPTO of some company doesn't mean much - there are just way too many companies and we don't know all of them - try to tell us about technology or what you do, or what you expect to get from the event, not the official position you hold.


We'll post more information on registration soon (but we do feel that the information in last year's registration opening might be worth a reading).


And then we have talks:


  • if you submit a talk, make sure you're able and willing to give it, should it be accepted;
  • if your talk is accepted, you'll certainly be approved for the event;
  • talk proposals are public and will be voted by the candidates of Codebits 2011; voting by the candidates, by our panel, and by the organizers, will account for whether a talk is approved; we'll also be looking for a nice mix of topics;
  • please do not assume we'll cover any costs related to your talk; if there's something you'll require, do let us know *before* you submit the talk;
  • the sooner you submit a talk the greater the chances of it being accepted; submitting a terrific proposal on a subject that already has several talks approved will lower your chances;
  • if you're a speaker, we expect you to attend Codebits during the three days it lasts.


More information on the talk selection process soon.

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