Quinta-feira, 17 de Novembro de 2011

Nyan moment

11/11/11 11:11:11 time to celebrate in style at Codebits. Most annoying music ever, lots of fun. Our apologies for interrupting our speakers for 1 minute, that was rude, but a moment like this had to be celebrated somehow. Enjoy.


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Opening Session

Here's the video for the opening session of this year's Codebits. Our CTO and co-founder Celso Martinho speaks.


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Segunda-feira, 14 de Novembro de 2011

Artica's Magabot

Our friends at Artica developed a bot just for Codebits. And they even offered it to us.


Now they've written the whole story at their blog. Read it.


Codebits Megabot

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Codebits 2011 survey

Codebits attendees just got an email with the link to a survey about the event.


Your honest feedback is very important for us, please take 10 minutes and answer the questions, it will help us improve the next edition even more.


The results from this survey will be summarized in our website pretty soon. Thanks for your participation.

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Domingo, 13 de Novembro de 2011

SAPO Codebits 2011 Panorama

Just in case you've missed Codebits 2011, the launch of SAPO Panoramas was one of the stars of the event. We even featured a live demo involving a giant 25 by 4 meter long projection screen and a Kinect based navigation interface.

Some of the members of the team gave a talk about this project called "Panoramas: a guided tour".

But it doesn't end here. They took the time and shot a great panorama of the Codebits main room, on site, using the same equipment and methodology as the real thing.

It's online right now. Take a tour and the main room.


UPDATE: The Main Stage is now available too.

Panorama SAPO Codebits 2011

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Sábado, 12 de Novembro de 2011

Puny 2 launched

We're announcing version 2 of our popular URL shortner, punyURL.


What's new? Lots of stuff:

  • New interface
  • Public and private puny URLs
  • Last and TOP punys
  • Statistics
  • And PunyDNS, a free, flexible dynamic DNS service with support for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


There's an API too.


Send us feedback. Enjoy.

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Magabot at Codebits

Our friends at Artica have surprised us and built an awesome Codebits robot replica with all kinds of sensors, on board camera and LEDs, involving Arduinos, a Skype and a 3G connection, and lots of talent.


Want to try it?


Well you can, just fire up Skype, add magabot.cc to your friend's list and start chatting with it.


You can check more of Artica's project at their blog too.

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Quinta-feira, 25 de Novembro de 2010

Winners of the photos competition

Here are the five photos (in no particular order) selected by SAPO Fotos editorial team as the best five:


Codebits 2010-166


(by luismca)



(by isa)


Codebits 2010


(by sara)




(by rechena)




(by pedro_gaspar)


The five authors will now receive an email to sort out the details into getting them their much deserved bean bags.

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Sexta-feira, 12 de Novembro de 2010

Solving problems during the night

We have people walking around the building taking notes on what can be improved.


Last night we had a small meeting where we listed all the points we should act on.


And then we worked through the night.


We had people running across the venue and we had people running across the city.


There were two failed attempts at getting more tables, but third time's the charm and early morning more tables were being spread out across the building. And yes, there are also more chairs and flipcharts.


We installed additional power plugs in several locations and people were running fast solving network issues (trust us, setting up a network for 700 geeks isn't easy, and this crowd we have here always manages to come up with new situations).


Sound has been an issue too, and still is, but it's getting better every hour. We had people moving speakers and adjusting sound levels everywhere.


There was also some food shortage last night, but we managed to get more food in less than one hour and we adjusted the quantities for the remaining meals of the event.


And then there's all the other stuff...


Have fun! We'll keep doing everything we can for you, as hard as it may be!


Delfim, handstand

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Quinta-feira, 21 de Outubro de 2010

Train discounts

Friendly reminder.

If you're coming to Codebits by a CP train then you're elected to a discount.

In order to get your discount, you need to click this page, print it and show it at the ticket counter when purchasing your round-trip tickets.

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