Quinta-feira, 26 de Abril de 2012

Damian Conway - Quaquaversal

Aside from the training sessions that Damian will present next week (Mastering Vim and New Features of Modern Perls - more information here), Damian will also offer us yet another amazing lecture:


Temporally Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming In Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Spacetimes...Made Easy!


The abstract:


Watch in terror as Damian writes a Perl program to extract square roots using nothing but quantum mechanics, general relativity, and the very fabric of the space-time continuum.


Along the way we'll also investigate: Wittgenstein's dark secret; the diminishing returns of physical computation; Roman philosophy; when Super Science Adventures go wrong; the greatest Lego kit of all time; the secret identity of Sith; carbon logic vs silicon logic; the giants of 1930's physics; elementary spin-half quanta under relativistic motion; CAT scans; Will Smith; bongos; drunken bets involving penguins; algorithmic consistency; God's dice and the problem of free will; intrinsic self-inconsistency; the many worlds outside Copenhagen; and the inventor of stage diving.


What happens when Dirac meets Deutsch meets Damian? Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world!


While registration is free, it is mandatory, since seats are limited. The event will take place on May 3rd at 19h in Picoas, Lisbon. You can register at http://quaquaversal.eventbrite.com/. Grab your seats while they last.

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Quarta-feira, 27 de Julho de 2011

Damian Conway in Lisbon - Fun with Dead Languages

*UPDATE*: You can now register to attend Fun with Dead Languages at http://funwithdeadlanguages.eventbrite.com/.


For those of you in Lisbon, you might want to check SAPO's developers blog.


Damian Conway, author of books such as Perl Best Practices and Object Oriented Perl, one of the most prestiged persons of the Perl world, will be in Lisbon in a couple of weeks.


On the evening of August 8th we'll have the pleasure of having Damian giving a free talk in the center of Lisbon:


Fun with Dead Languages


Watch in mesmerized terror as Damian hacks code in five unrelated languages (none of them Perl). Along the way, you'll also learn about modern archaeological techniques, bidirectional cross- dressing, Ancient Greeks hackers, improbable romances, the real Club Med, why programmers shouldn't frequent casinos, the language of moisture vaporators, C++ mysticism, conversational Latin, state machines on steroids, feeding the dog the old-fashioned way, the shocking truth about anime, programming without variables or subroutines, the Four Voids of the Apocalypse, Microsoft's new advertising campaign, what the Romans used instead of braces, drunken stonemasons, the ancient probabilistic wisdom of bodkins, how to kill a language with a single byte, and the price of fish.


More information on how to attend will show up soon on the developers blog.


*UPDATE*: You can now register to attend Fun with Dead Languages at http://funwithdeadlanguages.eventbrite.com/.

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