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Codebits 2011 is turning out to be simply amazing, and we have first-hand news for all of geekdom today.

Stephen Sykes has just announced on-stage that the 20th IOCCC (International Obfuscated C Coding Contest) is open, from 11:00 GMT today (i.e., the start of his great talk) until 12:12 GMT, 2012-01-12 (that's January for those of you in the U.S. with the obfuscated date formats).

The IOCCC (International Obfuscated C Coding Contest) has been held 19 times since the first one in 1984, and it is the oldest and most famous such competition.

However, it hasn't been run since the 19th competition in 2007, and many people have been pining for it. In an age of scripting and webby texty stuff, the brillance of making raw code do what it shouldn't in the most amazing way possible is still treasured art form, but none of the current JavaScript, Ruby, etc. competitions have quite the same flavour as the original IOCCC.

A lot of people have been waiting for this announcement, and you can get started coding right now - the submission server for entries will be available starting 1st Dec 2011, and, as a bonus for those of you who want to learn from the masters (and were always curious about the results of the 18th and 19th editions), the full results from the previous two IOCCC Competitions will also be made available for the first time for download at that time.

The competition has a strict limit for the size of entries, but despite this restriction many remarkable entries have come in through the years. These have included a retro computer emulator, a compiler, and even a working operating system - so this is your chance to do something awesome and expand the boundaries of computing.

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