Sábado, 12 de Novembro de 2011

Munchkin Winners!

And the results for this year's Munchkin championship are in:



Congratulations to the top 3 winners, who won a Munchkin Cthulhu and a red beanbag (1st place) and two Munchkin Classic sets!

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Sexta-feira, 11 de Novembro de 2011

Join The Munchkins!

For those of you with the Munchkin worldview, be aware that warm-up will start at 14:00 in the war room, with the main event following at 15:00.


Sign-up for the event will be done upon arrival, so make sure you're there early.


May the best munchkin win!

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Quinta-feira, 10 de Novembro de 2011

Munchkin warm-up

Warm-up (including teaching) will start at ~14:30 in the War Room (close to Stage A).


Look for António.


If you want to take part of the competition (which will take place ~15:30) make sure you tell António as soon as possible (there are only 30 seats available).


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Terça-feira, 25 de Outubro de 2011

Munchkin, anyone?

We're preparing a small Munchkin competition at Codebits 2011.


For starters, we'd like to know how many of you would be interested.


Comment if you are.


And don't worry if you don't know how to play, we can schedule a training session before the real competition begins.

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Sexta-feira, 27 de Novembro de 2009

{Board,Card} games @ Codebits

A number of attendees are planning something special for the first night of Codebits, and perhaps even for a break or two during the competition: games.

Board and card games are strongly encouraged, so bring your Fluxx and Munchkins, Carcassones and Settlers and don't forget to twitter your gaming event so you can get some new players join you.

E.g.: "two more players required for Settlers of Catan; starting in 15min at table #34; #codebits"


Some people are already organizing which games they're bringing.

Have fun and meet new people!








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