Sexta-feira, 11 de Novembro de 2011

Panorama Spotting

Our attendees make us proud. Daniel Nepomucemo won our Eagle Eye contest by spotting this amazing artifact, that has to be a one-in-a-million chance.


Kudos. We'll have more news soon, keep watching this blog.


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Bot Photo-Ops - And the winners are...

The first winner is this lovely photo, right here.  


As to the Six-Pack Edition contest, we apologize for our lack of, well, eagle-eyed observational powers. It turns out that the original announcement was in error - there were two identical T-Shirts in that photo, so we have two more winners.


The winners should pop over to the SAPO Fotos team (ask for Bernardo Mota near the panorama Mega Bot) to collect their prize.


Look out for more photo contests soon. We've got a few more in the works.


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More Bots In a Row (The Six-Pack Edition!)

And they keep on coming, folks!


First off, the winners for the previous photo-op contest should pop over to the SAPO Fotos team (ask for Bernardo Mota near the panorama Mega Bot) to collect their prize.


Oopsie. Yeah, we know there are two identical T-Shirts in there. Sorry, it's been a long night. Or two.


Next up, we have another opportunity for you and your buddies to show off the amazing T-Shirts we have for this year's event:


We're now handing out prizes for photos tagged with both "codebits2011" and "botsixpack" featuring six or more people with identical T-Shirts


The photo featuring more people until 17:00 wins, so start finding people that share your excellent taste in clothing and arranging things.


To make it more challenging, make sure both faces and T-Shirts are clearly visible.

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Quinta-feira, 10 de Novembro de 2011

Bots In a Row

Yeah, we're full of surprises tonight.


As an extra twist on our little Bot Photo-Op, the first photo tagged "ilovethisbot" that shows six people with this year's Codebits T-shirts will win a special treat.


One enticingly soft and cuddly bot. Six people. Six different T-Shirts. In one photo, with a fun tag.


So, where are all your buddies with the other T-Shirts? :)

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Quinta-feira, 25 de Novembro de 2010

Winners of the photos competition

Here are the five photos (in no particular order) selected by SAPO Fotos editorial team as the best five:


Codebits 2010-166


(by luismca)



(by isa)


Codebits 2010


(by sara)




(by rechena)




(by pedro_gaspar)


The five authors will now receive an email to sort out the details into getting them their much deserved bean bags.

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Segunda-feira, 7 de Dezembro de 2009

Photos and videos from Codebits

An incredible number of Codebits related videos and photos have been showing online.


The videos for the talks are showing up on each talk page (just follow the link for the talk from the calendar). We're have people working on putting the ones that are still missing online.


As for photos, just look for codebits on services such as Flickr or SAPO Fotos.


We'll also be putting more content online during the next few days.





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