Segunda-feira, 11 de Julho de 2011

Same time, same place

Pavilhão Atlântico, Tejo Hall.


More information on the venue in last year's announcement.

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Sexta-feira, 12 de Novembro de 2010

Solving problems during the night

We have people walking around the building taking notes on what can be improved.


Last night we had a small meeting where we listed all the points we should act on.


And then we worked through the night.


We had people running across the venue and we had people running across the city.


There were two failed attempts at getting more tables, but third time's the charm and early morning more tables were being spread out across the building. And yes, there are also more chairs and flipcharts.


We installed additional power plugs in several locations and people were running fast solving network issues (trust us, setting up a network for 700 geeks isn't easy, and this crowd we have here always manages to come up with new situations).


Sound has been an issue too, and still is, but it's getting better every hour. We had people moving speakers and adjusting sound levels everywhere.


There was also some food shortage last night, but we managed to get more food in less than one hour and we adjusted the quantities for the remaining meals of the event.


And then there's all the other stuff...


Have fun! We'll keep doing everything we can for you, as hard as it may be!


Delfim, handstand

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Quinta-feira, 11 de Novembro de 2010


Codebits has many areas with many different names.


Dr. SAPO and friends

Right by the SAPO Labs stand you'll find two tables hereby named "Dr. SAPO".


You'll see a table with four screens, running presentations sequentially (some may be added during Codebits). These are some SAPO products being showcased in a table with no one from SAPO so that shyness doesn't prevent you from looking at them.


In a table nearby you'll usually find people available to help out with any SAPO API or product question; they're also keen on chatting.

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First steps into the building

OK, we're getting close to the big moment, opening the doors!


As we do so, here's what is going to happen:


  • with a huge smile, you'll take your first steps into the building in the direction of the lovely people behind the counter
  • they will ask you for your name and will start searching you on our database
  • you'll grab an ID to show them you are who you claim to be
  • at the same time, someone will ask you for your t-shirt size
  • you'll be given a badge, a welcome kit and something more; the welcome kit contains a t-shirt, but you're not supposed to open it just yet, you're supposed to try and get out of the way, because checking-in 700 people isn't easy


  • there should be some markers around; please write your name on your badge, both sides (twitter handle is optional, but encouraged)
  • you may leave the registration desk either to the left or to the right; if you need to drop a coat or something similar, go to your left
  • walk down the stairs, following the increasing amount of awesome

Awesome poster

  • pass the Retro Computing and Gaming area, enter the big room and say "this is so cool..."
  • looking around you're bound to see people wearing Codebits t-shirts; this is it, open your bag and find out which one you got; notice, however, that the people at the registration desk have been thoroughly instructed not to trade any t-shirts; if you don't like the one you have or if you'd like a different one, try to find someone to trade with; also, some activities during Codebits may reward participants with t-shirts
  • at 10h30 the opening keynote starts; you don't want to miss that, so you should look for the signs pointing at the Main Stage


Later on we'll open another area you probably haven't noticed yet. For now, enjoy.




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Quarta-feira, 10 de Novembro de 2010

Getting inside, outside, and inside the venue again

Here's what you *need* to know if you want to get inside the building and, if you do go outside, how to get back in again.


Codebits IV


At the registration desk you should show some form of official ID so that we can run your name against our database. If you haven't been accepted, you're not getting in. If your name differs from the one on our side, you'll have trouble getting in. If you forgot to write your first and last name on our website, it's going to be fun.


You'll be given a badge and a few other things.


The badge has two sides where you should write your name (and twitter handle, if you feel like). Please write your name; it will be important later on.


Try to keep this badge with you at all times.



You're free to exit the building at any time. Upon coming back, please show your badge and your ID at the reception once again. We take everyone's security very seriously and we'd all be very upset if someone who shouldn't be in the building walked in.



Given that Codebits 2010 is in the vicinity of so many bars, we feel we have to make it very clear:


If you're drunk, you will not be allowed inside the building.


We're really sorry, but we're not even risking it; there will be far too many computers and expensive material around, and we want to keep the bean bags safe and sound until the end of the event.


We also expect you not to get drunk inside the building, so please refrain to bring alcohol into the premises.


Codebits is an alcohol-free event unless we say so, and we're not saying so.

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Terça-feira, 26 de Outubro de 2010

FRAK 0.0.7

The new episode of Portuguese Podcast Frak is now available and it once agains mentions Codebits... from the beginning to the end: FRAK 0.0.7.



Rúben and Hugo talk about several things Codebits related, show a bit of footage recorded on site (mostly things that were supposed to be edited; some of us may never face a camera the same way again) and also several of the designs our team went through in the last couple of weeks.

That's right, SAPO's Design team has been very involved in several things related to this event; these include the website, the t-shirts and many other aspects.

Here's a photo taken on the day we looked at dozens of proposals to pick the elements we liked the most:

Candidate posters for Codebits

Kudos to our Design team!

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Quinta-feira, 16 de Setembro de 2010

Visiting the venue

Have we mentioned there's a bunch of people involved in putting Codebits together?


Some of those people went to the venue today.


As soon as we got in we split into several groups.


Some of us stayed in the main area analyzing the first draft of the plant and deciding what to change.


Analyzing the schematics


Some of us vanished in search of cables and switchboards, preparing the whole network setup.


Heading towards the switchboards


Some of us went into the kitchen (yes, we're using the kitchen this year, and no, we're not entirely sure you'll like it).


Some of us simply got lost.


It was fun, watching the security guards trying to figure out what the hell we were doing, why there were so many of us, and why a part of the group was walking down that particular corridor (the answer being, of course, that we didn't know either).


All along the venue


Audio and video recording were also addressed today, as many other things.


At the same time, others at SAPO's headquarters were working for Codebits too.


Preparing another quiz, we're afraid.


Anyway, the venue is huge, and has a really high ceiling, which will be handy for some of the things we have in mind.


Oh, and we also found the perfect area for the retro gaming/computing experience (which reminds us we have a ton of emails to answer; sorry about that, we'll get to it shortly).


Stay tuned!

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